My parents are better then yours!

Today I have an overwhelming gratitude to have such amazing parents. Throughout my life I have been blessed with many amazing people. In my last post I talked about how awesome my grandparents were. Now its time to talk about how amazing my parents are!

Mom & Dad have always been there for me. They help me know how much they love me all the time. Even when I had done something stupid they gave me love. The thing that impresses me most about my parents is there ability to constantly love there children no matter what!

My mom is a great woman. She is very giving and every time I see her it seems like she has something new to give me. I guess i’m kind of spoiled being the only daughter. Mom would always take me shopping and she still does sometimes. Even though I tell her not to buy me something she still does. THAT STINKER. I don’t want to not admit it though I love it. Growing up mom and me never got along. But now my mom is one of my best friends. When I was a pain to deal with she would ground me or send me to my room but then she would always show me love after. Mom taught me that you respect your elders. But I don’t think it ever kicked in. I am still a big tease to her. But hopefully she knows I am just joking around most of the time. I always loved helping my mom set up the christmas tree and decorate. Mom loves to decorate for every holiday. She also is such a hard worker despite her hard journey with M.S. Whenever I would come home complaining about so and so did something at school, mom would always tell me that I should be nice to others even if they were driving me crazy. Mom is good at seeing the big picture. She is good at loving others because she knows that everyone deals with difficult circumstances. Mom is good at quickly forgiving. I just LOVE HER !

My dad is a great man. He has always been one of my best friends. Dad would always take me minature golfing when I was younger. Dad’s competitive and so am I (I think I get it from him). We always try to beat each other at whatever game we are playing even minature golfing. Which I shouldn’t try to beat him at. I think I have only beat him once! Dad loves movies and some of my favorite memories are watching movies with him or going to F.Y.E. to buy the new Blu-Ray that just came out! When I was going to school at UVU I would go and hang out with my dad a lot in his office. He always has mints on his desk and I would always eat them and take a few with me when I left. Dad loves golfing. Any kind of golfing. Especially frisbee golfing. Dad knows how to lighten the mood in a hard situation. Whenever I was angry he would always try and say and how does that make you feel? Or he would tell me not to smile and I would end up smiling anyways. Dad has helped me beat many obstacles in my life. He has helped me to know that we all have weaknesses and that its okay to have weaknesses. Dads always told me it was okay to sing. At the stadium of fire one year I was quietly singing along to Carrie Underwood as she sang and he told me you can sing. Dad has always encouraged me to do what I love and to live my dream. I will always love him for that.

Aside from having wonderful parents. I also have amazing and wonderful parent in laws. I am not sure how I got so blessed to have such wonderful parent in laws. But I did! They are such amazing people! They have helped me and Bryson out so much since we got married and they are so fun to be around. I love them and am grateful for all of the things that they have taught me in the short time i’ve known them.

I believe that I have been blessed with the best 2 sets of parents any girl could ask for!

What do you love about your parents?



Whose grateful for grandparents?

The past 3 days I have done nothing but work on this Family History book that I am putting together for my Grandma & Grandpa Hawkins. I’m so excited for this to be finished but i’ve loved getting to know more about them. I hope it doesn’t sound like i’m complaining i’m really not. However I have broke down with a cold and my heads pounding but I have such a determination to finish this book, that I will work a lot of hours if I have to.

The more I have learned about my Grandparents the more I have grown to have a deeper love for them and there stories. Growing up my Grandma and Grandpa Hawkins were like my 2nd parents. They have taught me so much and have helped me become the person I am today.

Some fun memories I have of my Grandpa Hawkins are

1. When I was little I stopped calling him Grandpa and started calling him Paga. We will never understand why i called him that but he started calling me Ellie Brie.

2. I’ve always got the best bear hugs from Grandpa Hawkins. He gives the best hugs.

3. Grandpa used to let me and my cousins Kayla & Loni do his hair. We’d bring out the pony tails and the spray bottles and get Grandpa Hawkins all pampered up. We’d comb his hair and just make him look so nice. At least we thought we did.

Some fun memories I have of my Grandma Hawkins are

1. She always made the best TUNA FISH CASSEROLE. She still does to this day!

2. Grandma always enjoyed doing puzzles and I would help her do them. Grandma Hawkins would also always take us to feed the ducks at the park and I will never forget how fun that was!

3. I’ve always loved how she is a wonderful homemaker wife and a mother. I hope one day to be as amazing as she is!

I also have another set of amazing Grandparents. My Grandma and Grandpa blake. Although my Grandpa Blake isn’t alive anymore, I still feel his spirit with me all the time. Growing up My Grandma and Grandpa Blake lived in Blanding. So i didn’t get to see them as much as I did my Grandma and Grandpa Hawkins. But they are another set of people that i’d consider to be my second parents. Like my other Grandparents they have taught me so much and have helped me become the person I am today!

Some fun memories I have of my Grandpa Blake are:

1. I remember he loved airplanes and we loved to go spend time with him at the airport at lake powell. Today when I see an airplane go by I instantly think of him.

2. He had a sense of humor and was famous for his jokes he would tell.

3. The four wheeling rides he’d take us on were always a BLAST. When it was our turn to drive he’d tell us that we needed to go 15 mph which always seemed slow.

Some fun memories I have of my Grandma Blake are:

1. She loves to cook and she is always in the kitchen. Whenever we were at her house she would always ask “Do you want this to eat?” Or, “What can i get you to eat?” Grandma Blake also makes Root-beer. Home aid Root-beer! I swear this stuff could actually be labeled beer. That stuff is so good but so bad for you and when you drink it you really do get a little tipsy.

2. I have never heard Grandma Blake say a mean word towards anyone. She loves everyone no matter what. I also hope one day to be as amazing as she is.

3. Grandma Blake loves card games. Rook, Phase 10, & Skip Bo are a few of her favorites.

Whose grateful for awesome Grandparents?!

You should never try to change anyone! EVER!

There comes a point in your life where you kind of don’t really care what everyone has to say about your life anymore. A time where you can take a stand and realize that it doesn’t matter what they say or how they feel. It’s how you feel and what you want.

It’s important to serve and love everyone. Don’t get me wrong. But when the words others say are becoming hurtful that’s when you need to set boundaries. I hate it when people try to determine our progress and growth through how they feel. I’ve had to take a step back and realize that this way of living is unhealthy.

In a song I love it says “Make peace with god and make peace with yourself because in the end theres nobody else.” I truly have always believed this statement. Of course its great to be a peace maker but in the last few years I have realized that i’m trying to live up to what everyone else wants me to be. Instead of who I really am. I’ve had people tell me that everything I am doing in my life is wrong. And i’m sure some people still believe that. The truth is I am just trying to do what’s best for me in my life.

I had a lot of grief that I wasn’t getting my degree anymore when I was 19 from the opinion and views of others. I felt like they were trying to tell me you will never be successful if you don’t have your degree. I believe this is nonsense. The issue in our world today is that people base how successful you are in life off of a piece of paper. In the worlds eyes you are better then everyone else if you have one. However I see many people with degrees today that are struggling to get by.

There is a deep need for accepting people the way they are. You should never try to change anyone. I see a deep need for letting people live there life’s the way they want to and not how anyone else wants them to. I recently was told that I should question my faith and my beliefs by someone I love dearly. I took a stand. It’s time that everyone of you takes a stand to for what you believe in. Don’t ever let anyone tell you the way you are living is wrong. Be who you are and love who you are and say how you feel. Don’t let what they say bring you down. Let people live there life in the way they want to and be an example. Period.

Anyone agree?

I’m packing my bags and moving out! I’m done!

I’m packing my bags and moving out. Well not literally. But this is my announcement. No more photography. I am finished! Done!

Photography has been a great journey. I have learned a lot about myself through doing photography. I have also learned that its not a career I would like to pursue. It should just be a hobby. It’s something I love doing. But yet. It is so time consuming that I just don’t want to do it anymore. Its hard to give something up that you have done for 3 years. I guess I am not giving it up. I am just burnt out. I am not going to be a “Photographer” anymore. I am not going to take pictures for people anymore. And I realized I am doing it for all the wrong reasons. Heres my story about “Why” I am not doing it anymore.

So you know when you get that feeling that something in your life is missing? Well thats how I started to feel. And usually when that happens I know that something isn’t right. I am very kinesthetic so I know when something is wrong, or when something is missing. Photography isn’t getting me where I want to be. I feel like when I do photography I am walking backwards. Instead of walking forward. You see. I have this void. A void in my heart that can’t be field with photography as a career choice. That void is singing. Singing is my TOP passion, the thing in life I LOVE to do! And I realize the more I don’t pursue a career in singing, the less happy I am. The more I don’t do what I love! The less happy I am. Meh 😦

So. A few months ago I started praying. I started praying hard. With so much confusion I was getting exhausted and I was getting hit hard. I had come to a tunnel and I couldn’t find the light at the end of it. So I hit my knees. When I had finished I got up off of my knees and waited. I waited for a long time. No answer came. So I guess I kept playing the waiting game until finally I got my answer. NO MORE PHOTOGRAPHY! Singing, and MyFunLife were my options. They weren’t options. I was actually told to do them both.

A week or two later, I got an email from a friend telling me she had found a Photographer Wanted Job on Craigslist for a wedding. I thought to myself. Wow. Awesome! We REALLY need the money! I am going to do that! So I applied, and got the Job for the Wedding on Saturday July 13! I was excited (I guess because I tend to get a little greedy) haha. But wait a minute. It was the SAME day as my recital for singing. The one I had been working hard for since the beginning of summer. The one that I had put some much time and money into. And did I mention I had worked really REALLY hard for it?! What do you think I did instead? Well. I missed my recital and took the job. Being stupid, I guess. After I was told NO MORE PHOTOGRAPHY! But we really “needed” the money!

The night I got home from doing the photography wedding shoot. I was EXHAUSTED! Not only that I was really upset and cranky. I got paid ALOT of money that day. However… no amount of money could make up for me missing my recital! There will always be other recitals I told myself before the photo shoot. But that recital was really important to me. My husband told me that night, “Brielle, you are really good at photography, but you seem to really hate doing it. You shouldn’t do it anymore.” He was right. Its not what I LOVE to do! After a week of being sick from that one day of taking pictures. I promised myself that I wasn’t going to be doing photography anymore. That I was for sure finished. It was enough for me to figure out that I was done. I am certain I got sick because I had failed to do what I truly loved to do that day!

So there is my story! No more photography!