I’m Married! Changes & Transitions!

It seems like so much has happened since the last time i’ve posted. I have met my eternal companion and we recently got married and sealed in the Salt Lake Temple. Me and Bryson (My husband) have been so busy with decorating our apartment and running errands, cooking, cleaning, unpacking etc. that i feel like I haven’t had anytime to just sit down and blog. I have to say being married is one of the coolest things ever. The wedding day was perfect! I couldn’t have asked for a better day and its all because of my awesome Mom & Dad who helped me plan and helped me pay for the wedding! They are the best! Thanks for being the best parents ever! So many changes are taking place in my life.

Me and Bryson first met in high school at the end of our senior year and never talked again after that! But then we met 2 years later at the singles ward in salem! I took his picture for the ward directory and then he added me on facebook, got my # and it was all down hill from there. 😀 Well actually uphill! I loved every second of dating him, he makes everything so fun! I remember one night we were at a party at one of our friends and he was playing his guitar and singing with his beautiful voice. He’ll never admit it but all the girls thought he was so cute. I was super jealous, but in that moment I knew I was head over heals for him! Within two months we were engaged and less than 2 months later married! I still am not sure how I got so lucky! I love that man with all of my heart!

Bryson’s so fun. We spend our nights after work cooking, watching movies , we even decorated our first christmas tree! & I guess you could say we are like any other married couple. We went to California on our Honeymoon and we just hung out and one day we even went and saw mickey. And road 6 rides the whole entire day because it was packed! We still made it fun though! Every day Bryson makes me smile and laugh. I am so blessed. It seems weird to be married but i’m glad i’m married to him! I am one lucky gal! We recently went and saw Wreck-It Ralph! If you haven’t seen it yet! You should! Its great! I even told Bryson the other night “I want to buy the game so that I can be close to him” Of course it was taken the wrong way by Bryson. I meant I wanted to buy the game so I could watch the movie again! lol.

In this blog post I would like to pay tribute to an awesome Grandfather who is suffering from Lung Cancer. He has had it for about 3 1/2 years and has recently gone down hill. How thankful I am that he got to see me and Bryson get married. I love all of my grandparents and its going to be hard to see him go. He has taught me so many wonderful things about what it is to be a good person and to live a good life. I have been trying to practice the song to sing at his funeral and I can’t because everytime I try to sing it I have to hold my tears in and can’t breathe. I get frustrated cause I have to be able to breathe to sing it at his funeral! I know that he will be in a better place though when he passes on. My heart goes out to all who have loved ones who are suffering with cancer and to all who have cancer!

No I haven’t had anytime to post any pictures on my website of my new work. But yes I have been taking them! I recently took pictures of a family of 9. Which was awesome! And I also have a cute little new niece that I want to put some pictures on of. I am an aunt now to which is crazy! I love it though, she is such a doll! Its weird that so much is changing! But i’m loving all the wonderful changes in my life.

Here are some fun pictures from the past little while! Merry Christmas Everyone!

Best Wishes,

Brielle Marie

IMG_3866 IMG_3914 IMG_3934 IMG_3810 IMG_3988 IMG_3847

Our engagements were so fun! Isn’t he handsome? 😀

IMG_4084 IMG_4053

My Bridals!


Me and my wonderful grandpa on my wedding day! My prayers are with you!

DSCN4246 DSCN4264 DSCN4239

They gave us just married pins! So fun!

DSCN4269 DSCN4245


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