New year! New things happening! Update!

So you know those things that people set at the beginning of every year? The things called goals. I may or may not have set my goals in February. One of them is to blog once a month. I feel like so much has happened since the beginning of the year! And I am so excited for the many adventures ahead for Bryson and I in our first year of marriage! Bryson and I have been making some changes in our lives. Trying to exercise, eating healthier and all that fun stuff (you know new year goals… blah blah blah). However we are still trying to get into the swing of things and accomplish every goal we set for the year!

Me and Bryson are still having fun getting used to the married life. We enjoyed a vacation with his family last month in beautiful Newport Beach California! I love that place! I loved it so much I almost convinced Bryson to stay there and never come back! The weather was awesome! Oh yeah and Disneyland was great! I decided that January or February is the best time to go! We walked on almost every ride and it was a BLAST! I’m still getting used to writing Carrick as my last name. And last night Bryson laughed at me when I called the remote control for the tv “the changer”. haha! I will be posting pictures soon from california once I get them on my computer!

Bryson is such a wonderful husband. We are currently in the process of trying to move to Salt Lake City because Bryson wants to attend LDS Business College. Trying to find jobs and an apartment first before we move! He is such a great guy and he has such a great heart! It’s so comforting to know what a sweetheart I have in my life! I love that man so much!

My wonderful Grandpa Blake passed away at the end of December and I sure do miss him! Everytime I think about him still I shed a tear or two! I feel him with me all the time and am so thankful for the opportunity that I had to get to know him. He truly touched my heart in so many ways and taught me so much! I am currently in the process of writing a song about him, and I feel like he inspired me to write it! It will be the first song I have written which is exciting because its something i’ve always wanted to do. However I know that anything I write in a song can’t ever truly express how wonderful that man was! Even though he has passed away, I know I will see him again and that he is with heavenly father. I also know he is up there being one of my guardian angels, while cheering me on through every trial that this life brings my way!

I am trying to put my main focus on singing and being an awesome wife. Ever since I was a little girl I loved singing! It really is one of my top passions in life besides being a great wife and mother (for the kids I am going to have in 10 years ;))! Everyday I realize the more I love singing! Right now I am taking singing lessons from a wonderful teacher in spanish fork. When my voice gets to where I want it to be I really would love to learn how to teach singing lessons. Also learn how to play the guitar, start writing songs, and learn how to play the piano!

We are so excited to start sharing the DoTERRA essential oils. We love the oils and we use them every stinking day! The oils have been so helpful and keep us from going to the doctor everytime we have a cold or something minor that happens (saves us alot on doctor bills). I have heard alot of amazing things about the oils (better yet experienced alot of amazing things with the oils) and I am so excited to continue to use them and learn more. Our main purpose with the oils is just to share them to help others. If you are interested please don’t hesitate to contact I or Bryson!

For now I am trying to just focus on taking pictures of the wonderful graduating class of 2013! I love doing senior pictures and they are seriously my favorite photo shoots to do! I am not going to stop taking pictures in all of the other areas of photography. Of course if an opportunity comes up to do pictures I will take it. But its not my main focus right now.

There is so much to write about and so little time! Please let me know if you are a senior and want pictures done! I hope you all had a wonderful new year!

Much Love,

Brielle Marie


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