…Once Upon A Time…

Once upon a time in a little town called provo. Two people were addicted to Once Upon A Time. Not there once upon a time…. the actual TV show! So much that they wasted 3 weeks of there lives watching season 1 and getting caught up on season 2. Yep thats me and my husband. We are hooked! We have been deprived of it though because it won’t be on til April 21st! Anyone else loving Once Upon A Time?

Life is going great. We are going to be moving soon too Springville. Living in Provo was fun for our first apartment! We will always have awesome memories here but are excited! Excited to get out of our ghetto, I mean our triple ghetto neighborhood. Its been a nice little apartment to start living in. But we are moving on to bigger and better things. We’ll be moving back into a 4 plex but its alot better of a place.

Photography season is finally picking up again and I am so so so excited! I have a few photo shoots this month and I am hoping that I can get a few more! I am also still working on getting my voice better so that I can start teaching singing lessons!

I am so incredibly thankful for such a wonderful husband! We have had such an amazing marriage and every day is another blessing! He is truly where my Once Upon A Time fairytale is found. Bryson has always had a great sense of humor and I don’t think there is a day that goes by where I am not laughing.

I am so behind in my blogging. But I thought you would all love to see some of our wedding pictures that I still haven’t posted! Here they are! Enjoy!

P.S. Maybe I will blog more when we get settled into our new place!

“A true love story never ends!” -Anonymous

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