…Picasso painted his own masterpiece…

Picasso painted his own masterpiece why shouldn’t I? More importantly why shouldn’t you? Brace yourself while I vent oh and this may be a little long.

Well I am definitely not a painter but I am an artist in various ways. I love photography. I also love to sing. And even have recently picked up a guitar and attempted to learn from my adorable husband (who is amazing at the guitar) how to play it. Anyways back to the subject. Lately I’ve wondered where my path is headed. Do I keep pursuing photography… or do I go after singing and maybe teach singing lessons. Or do I do both?

Lately I have been wondering how I can paint my own masterpiece (or how I can paint my own story in life). I have noticed that throughout my life I have let others opinions of me and their opinions of where I am going in life, affect my own opinions about life and what is to come in the future. With that being said, Instead of actually controlling my life & taking risks, I have allowed fear to control my life. However, I do not embrace change well.

Come on lets be honest if I could do anything, I would sing. But would I actually want to sing in front of people? That’s crazy! I remember 3 years ago when I sang in front of my family and I was so nervous. It went well but I remember after I felt like I never wanted to do it again. That’s where my fear came in; I knew I was getting good at something and I would have to make some changes if I wanted to do something I loved. But I quit, and stopped because of my FEAR of sharing my talent and how people would react to it.

Why do people not go after what they love to do anyways? Because they are scared or have a lot of fear, at least I do. FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real. Everyone is faced with fear. Some are faced with it from other people projecting their fear onto them. If you are like me you have fear passed down from your parents or grandparents (generational issues that come from our ancestors). I believe that our beliefs are powerful. What you think will happen in life, is bound to happen. If you think that you will be broke for the rest of your life and have no money, you probably will. If you think that you will eventually be rich, you probably will.

So why don’t people take risks in life ? Instead of being stuck in a jail of fear and misery? The greater the risk, the greater your reward is anyway. See the problem with this world is that everyone is so fearful. Imagine what the world would be like if we all pursued our dreams. What would the world be like if everyone lived there dream? If everyone actually did what they loved doing? Below is a picture of my vision board (Yes I know I am a complete nerd, but I really want to visit harry potter land in Florida!) everyone has a vision. “A vision board is a collage of images of things you want in your life. If you’re using your vision board for sweepstakes, your pictures will be symbolic of the prizes you want to win.” – Google I once heard if you look at it every day and visualize what you could have, it will happen (back to what you believe or think will happen will). Make sure you write down things you want to happen in your life if you are making a vision board!

Here is my challenge. I will start painting my own masterpiece, and I want to challenge you to start painting yours. Don’t allow others to tell you that you cant ever do anything. Don’t allow your own FEAR (false evidence appearing real) to get in the way. Because if you do it will manifest itself in your life. When someone tells you no tell yourself yes. When something you love doing doesn’t go as planned, keep pursuing it. More importantly when you feel like something is impossible, remember that in the word impossible you find i’m possible. “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle. Don’t let the world paint your masterpiece. Take risks and paint your own!

Brielle Vision Board


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