You should never try to change anyone! EVER!

There comes a point in your life where you kind of don’t really care what everyone has to say about your life anymore. A time where you can take a stand and realize that it doesn’t matter what they say or how they feel. It’s how you feel and what you want.

It’s important to serve and love everyone. Don’t get me wrong. But when the words others say are becoming hurtful that’s when you need to set boundaries. I hate it when people try to determine our progress and growth through how they feel. I’ve had to take a step back and realize that this way of living is unhealthy.

In a song I love it says “Make peace with god and make peace with yourself because in the end theres nobody else.” I truly have always believed this statement. Of course its great to be a peace maker but in the last few years I have realized that i’m trying to live up to what everyone else wants me to be. Instead of who I really am. I’ve had people tell me that everything I am doing in my life is wrong. And i’m sure some people still believe that. The truth is I am just trying to do what’s best for me in my life.

I had a lot of grief that I wasn’t getting my degree anymore when I was 19 from the opinion and views of others. I felt like they were trying to tell me you will never be successful if you don’t have your degree. I believe this is nonsense. The issue in our world today is that people base how successful you are in life off of a piece of paper. In the worlds eyes you are better then everyone else if you have one. However I see many people with degrees today that are struggling to get by.

There is a deep need for accepting people the way they are. You should never try to change anyone. I see a deep need for letting people live there life’s the way they want to and not how anyone else wants them to. I recently was told that I should question my faith and my beliefs by someone I love dearly. I took a stand. It’s time that everyone of you takes a stand to for what you believe in. Don’t ever let anyone tell you the way you are living is wrong. Be who you are and love who you are and say how you feel. Don’t let what they say bring you down. Let people live there life in the way they want to and be an example. Period.

Anyone agree?


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