Whose grateful for grandparents?

The past 3 days I have done nothing but work on this Family History book that I am putting together for my Grandma & Grandpa Hawkins. I’m so excited for this to be finished but i’ve loved getting to know more about them. I hope it doesn’t sound like i’m complaining i’m really not. However I have broke down with a cold and my heads pounding but I have such a determination to finish this book, that I will work a lot of hours if I have to.

The more I have learned about my Grandparents the more I have grown to have a deeper love for them and there stories. Growing up my Grandma and Grandpa Hawkins were like my 2nd parents. They have taught me so much and have helped me become the person I am today.

Some fun memories I have of my Grandpa Hawkins are

1. When I was little I stopped calling him Grandpa and started calling him Paga. We will never understand why i called him that but he started calling me Ellie Brie.

2. I’ve always got the best bear hugs from Grandpa Hawkins. He gives the best hugs.

3. Grandpa used to let me and my cousins Kayla & Loni do his hair. We’d bring out the pony tails and the spray bottles and get Grandpa Hawkins all pampered up. We’d comb his hair and just make him look so nice. At least we thought we did.

Some fun memories I have of my Grandma Hawkins are

1. She always made the best TUNA FISH CASSEROLE. She still does to this day!

2. Grandma always enjoyed doing puzzles and I would help her do them. Grandma Hawkins would also always take us to feed the ducks at the park and I will never forget how fun that was!

3. I’ve always loved how she is a wonderful homemaker wife and a mother. I hope one day to be as amazing as she is!

I also have another set of amazing Grandparents. My Grandma and Grandpa blake. Although my Grandpa Blake isn’t alive anymore, I still feel his spirit with me all the time. Growing up My Grandma and Grandpa Blake lived in Blanding. So i didn’t get to see them as much as I did my Grandma and Grandpa Hawkins. But they are another set of people that i’d consider to be my second parents. Like my other Grandparents they have taught me so much and have helped me become the person I am today!

Some fun memories I have of my Grandpa Blake are:

1. I remember he loved airplanes and we loved to go spend time with him at the airport at lake powell. Today when I see an airplane go by I instantly think of him.

2. He had a sense of humor and was famous for his jokes he would tell.

3. The four wheeling rides he’d take us on were always a BLAST. When it was our turn to drive he’d tell us that we needed to go 15 mph which always seemed slow.

Some fun memories I have of my Grandma Blake are:

1. She loves to cook and she is always in the kitchen. Whenever we were at her house she would always ask “Do you want this to eat?” Or, “What can i get you to eat?” Grandma Blake also makes Root-beer. Home aid Root-beer! I swear this stuff could actually be labeled beer. That stuff is so good but so bad for you and when you drink it you really do get a little tipsy.

2. I have never heard Grandma Blake say a mean word towards anyone. She loves everyone no matter what. I also hope one day to be as amazing as she is.

3. Grandma Blake loves card games. Rook, Phase 10, & Skip Bo are a few of her favorites.

Whose grateful for awesome Grandparents?!


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