My parents are better then yours!

Today I have an overwhelming gratitude to have such amazing parents. Throughout my life I have been blessed with many amazing people. In my last post I talked about how awesome my grandparents were. Now its time to talk about how amazing my parents are!

Mom & Dad have always been there for me. They help me know how much they love me all the time. Even when I had done something stupid they gave me love. The thing that impresses me most about my parents is there ability to constantly love there children no matter what!

My mom is a great woman. She is very giving and every time I see her it seems like she has something new to give me. I guess i’m kind of spoiled being the only daughter. Mom would always take me shopping and she still does sometimes. Even though I tell her not to buy me something she still does. THAT STINKER. I don’t want to not admit it though I love it. Growing up mom and me never got along. But now my mom is one of my best friends. When I was a pain to deal with she would ground me or send me to my room but then she would always show me love after. Mom taught me that you respect your elders. But I don’t think it ever kicked in. I am still a big tease to her. But hopefully she knows I am just joking around most of the time. I always loved helping my mom set up the christmas tree and decorate. Mom loves to decorate for every holiday. She also is such a hard worker despite her hard journey with M.S. Whenever I would come home complaining about so and so did something at school, mom would always tell me that I should be nice to others even if they were driving me crazy. Mom is good at seeing the big picture. She is good at loving others because she knows that everyone deals with difficult circumstances. Mom is good at quickly forgiving. I just LOVE HER !

My dad is a great man. He has always been one of my best friends. Dad would always take me minature golfing when I was younger. Dad’s competitive and so am I (I think I get it from him). We always try to beat each other at whatever game we are playing even minature golfing. Which I shouldn’t try to beat him at. I think I have only beat him once! Dad loves movies and some of my favorite memories are watching movies with him or going to F.Y.E. to buy the new Blu-Ray that just came out! When I was going to school at UVU I would go and hang out with my dad a lot in his office. He always has mints on his desk and I would always eat them and take a few with me when I left. Dad loves golfing. Any kind of golfing. Especially frisbee golfing. Dad knows how to lighten the mood in a hard situation. Whenever I was angry he would always try and say and how does that make you feel? Or he would tell me not to smile and I would end up smiling anyways. Dad has helped me beat many obstacles in my life. He has helped me to know that we all have weaknesses and that its okay to have weaknesses. Dads always told me it was okay to sing. At the stadium of fire one year I was quietly singing along to Carrie Underwood as she sang and he told me you can sing. Dad has always encouraged me to do what I love and to live my dream. I will always love him for that.

Aside from having wonderful parents. I also have amazing and wonderful parent in laws. I am not sure how I got so blessed to have such wonderful parent in laws. But I did! They are such amazing people! They have helped me and Bryson out so much since we got married and they are so fun to be around. I love them and am grateful for all of the things that they have taught me in the short time i’ve known them.

I believe that I have been blessed with the best 2 sets of parents any girl could ask for!

What do you love about your parents?



One thought on “My parents are better then yours!

  1. Oh Bri – I just read what you wrote about me. I love you baby girl! Thanks for saying such kind words about your crazy Mom. Love you so much!

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