My Life In Pictures The Last Few Months

I have a really hard time updating my blog. Maybe because I never know what to say. So this month since I really don’t have much to say here is what i’ve been up to lately. Its been a good couple of months.

A book I just finished reading… It was such an amazing book. below is one of my favorite quotes.

2 3

I took this picture one day when Bryson and I were out disc golfing with my family. Never knew my iPhone could take such a beautiful picture.


This is totally what I needed to see in my fortune from Panda. Sometimes I need to refocus and live in the now instead of the tomorrow.


I got this award at scrapbook weekend. Everyone got awards and this was mine.


What I get to study. Love it!


One of my favorite things I’ve seen on facebook.


I turned 22. I can’t believe how old I am!! “I don’t know about you but I’m feeling 22!”-Taylor Swift. It was a great birthday. Went shopping with my mom and then out to eat with my whole family at Brick Oven.


A beautiful painting I got that my Grandpas Sister Dorothy painted.  Can’t wait to hang it up! She was very talented.


Instagram quote that I loved.


Me and Bryson out Disc Golfing.


Look where Bryson and I are going! Can’t wait. September needs to be here tomorrow!!


My new electric keyboard. I love it!


Us by our new car.


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