Josh & Hailey | Utah Wedding Photograher

I know what you’re thinking “I thought she wasn’t doiing photography anymore.” And I really don’t because it stresses me out. But when my voice teacher texted me one day and said that her good friend was in need of a photographer and that they were in need of a photographer, my helping people out instinct kicked in and I just had too. It was only for an hour for their wedding so I was okay with it. I just had to post some pictures because I have never done a wedding at Manti before and it was gorgeous! We lucked out though it was a stormy day and we had just enough time to take the photos before it started raining (which it did right when we got in the car). Congrats to Josh & Hailey! You’re a beautiful couple!

H + J_0 copy H + J_35 H + J_36 H + J_38 H + J_39 H + J_51 H + J_68 H + J_69 H + J_127 H + J_131


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