Music is a gift.

The last 10 months my life has revolved around music. Studying it has been such a fun thing for me because it really is my top passion in my life. I have learned how to play the piano, as well as apprenticed under my voice teacher to learn how to teach voice lessons. You wouldn’t think that the voice is very technical but it is and there are so many things that go into singing. Music is a gift. I will always be grateful for the things I’ve learned through studying it. Although I’m done learning the science behind singing i’m always wanting to learn more. I just started taking an online songwriting class which is fun. I don’t know if I will ever be done studying music because I love it so much. I will always have a hunger to learn more. During piano I’ve learned simple hymns (from the lds hymns made easy book as well as their beginners learners book) and of course from my grandma who has taught me everything I know how to do today. I’m starting to play songs in the original hymn book and that is hard but fun. Below are pictures of what i’ve got to study (memorized 64 terms, studied seth riggs book, labeled the larynx and what it does and memorized 15 + exercises and how they help the voice), as well as a picture of my piano that I get to jam out on everyday.

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…My Favorite Quote…

One day when I was at singing lessons I saw this quote sitting on my teachers piano. I love it so much and thought I would share. I found this great picture on google.